I am Andrew, the author of the
You Are What You Write
Daily Journal
What is the
You Are What You Write
Daily Journal?
After experimenting with numerous journals and failing to find the perfect fit for me, I realized the need to craft one myself—tailored to accommodate every day, whether you have five minutes to spare or wish to delve deeper for thirty.
In this journal, I've distilled the essence of self-reflection into its main points, understanding that focusing on numerous goals, wishes, and thoughts daily can be overwhelming.

Instead, I've narrowed it down to three—three main points for you to center your attention, dreams, and aspirations.

This journal is designed to hone your focus, stimulate your imagination, attract positivity, and cultivate resourcefulness and faith. It's about taking action, manifesting desires, and embracing the purity of your intentions.

Welcome to a journey of self-discovery and empowerment—where every entry propels you toward your most authentic and fulfilling life.
Andre Shaty

Based in LA

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